In a nutshell, EWA uses smart thinking to make your brand better
We are in the business of building brand reputation, and have been since 1981.

The not-so-secret key to our success is the way we do things. EWAs smart thinking backs the communication expertise of our dedicated teams, people who live and breathe your brand.
It is this unique combination that enables us to position ourselves at the leading edge of customer and stakeholder satisfaction services.

Bespoke Communication Solutions

Why choose us?
“Tried, tested and trusted for over 30 years...”
Hard working, easy to do business with, and provide good return on investment - thats what our Clients say about us, clients that in some cases have been with us for decades.
We don't have anything to hide, and we won't try and persuade you this is the dark art. We are proud of the work that goes into putting a communication strategy into place, and well happily tell you all about it.
Our success is your success, and just like any good relationship, we are in it for the long haul. We will flex and change as you do, because in a partnership thats what happens time and time again. Change happens and we can adapt with you
We are confident in what we do, and confident enough to tell it how it is, not tell you what you want to hear if it isn't true. We will push boundaries to make your brand better, and in doing so we will be open and honest with you about how your processes can be improved.
For almost 35 years, EWA has provided
clients with creative and innovative
solutions and services. Each one designed to
improve insight, deliver exceptional
customer experience, and build long-term
customer relationships.
“Our philosophy is
simple: We are here
to make your
customer happy.
From the start, EWA has done
things differently
EWA was founded in 1981 by its now departed chairman Eric Wright. Eric added targeting and personalisation to direct marketing, an untested methodology in the industry at the time.

One of the first brands to test Erics innovative ways was Ford Motor Co. The newly formed Eric Wright and Associates (EWA) was commissioned to develop customer and consumer databases to carry relevant, personalised sales and promotional messages to segmented audiences.
This experience has set the scene for EWA's business development ever since - the provision of highly targeted sales and support solutions, based on accurate, up to date customer information and activity records to build superior customer relations.

Over the years, EWA has branched out into other sectors using the same tried and tested modus operandi - honing its software capabilities into multi-channel environments, and building experience using the same fundamental beliefs Eric instilled in the company.
Meet the team
Paul Luxon
Paul Luxon
Managing Director
David Lifton
David Lifton
Technical Director
Kay Shelley
Kay Shelley
Operations Manager
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